Our classes 

Our classes are welcome to all levels and do not require any prior experience unless otherwise stated in the description. Our “babies welcome” classes mean you can bring a pre crawler along to the session.  

Take a look at the list below for all the types of classes we have to offer on our weekly schedule. Sign up for our newsletter for updates on special classes, events and workshops. 




Yoga Flow

Our most energised yoga class, expect some strong and creative sequences in this flowing style of yoga & movement. Each individual teacher will bring their own unique style to this class. 


Mandala Flow

A circular yoga flow that will move you through all planes of motion. This practice is themed by the elements (earth, air, fire and water) and flows to an upbeat playlist.


Yin & Restore

Our most gentle yoga class, expect relaxing shapes, lots of rest & breath work. 


Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra or yogic sleep is a form of guided meditation practiced lying down. It is deeply relaxing and invites the body into stillness whilst the mind drifts between waking and sleeping. It can leave you feeling very rested and relaxed, the perfect antidote to a busy life.


Wild Barre

Our hybrid workout class that combines pilates with exercises you do at a ballet barre using bodyweight, light weights and resistance bands. No experience required.


Wild Pilates

Contemporary Pilates rooted in the mat-work principles with a breath focus and draws inspiration from the reformer and functional movement patterns. A low impact, challenging, yet fluid class that works to strengthen your deep core, support your joint and spine function.


Wildest Pilates

Contemporary Pilates with a twist. Like above but taught at a faster pace and inspired by Pilates HIIT workouts. 


Wild Barre (babies welcome)

Description as above. This class is open to everyone, including mums, dads, carers or anyone who that is looking after a pre crawler, bring them along to your workout! 

Post natal peeps please ensure you’ve had your 6 week check.


Cubs & Adults

Our unique Yoga flow class for any adult with a pre crawler to join. 


Pregnancy Yoga

Intuitively taught yoga for mamas-to-be. No experience required but recommended 12 weeks post partum. If you are completely new to yoga please join after the first trimester. 


CrossFit (babies welcome)

A fitness class using weights and bodyweight exercise. It combines strength and conditioning work in a CrossFit style setting. This session is tailored to support the post natal journey and also any one new or returning to fitness. 

Bring your baby or come solo.




Seasonal Sound (the last Tuesday of each month)

An evening of serene meditation and soothing sounds, inspired by and to balance the energies of the season. Using wisdom from Ayurvedic philosophy, Yogic breathing techniques, a guided meditation and a Gong and singing bowl meditation, you can expect your energy to reset and to experience lasting feelings of tranquillity. 


Love To Lay Down (monthly at the weekend)

An extra long class of yin and restorative yoga brought to you each month by Jessica.


Half Day Retreats (quarterly) 

Time together throughout the year to mark the changing of the seasons or other landmark moments. There is always practice, food, themes and connectivity.


Pregnancy Yoga & Social (monthly at the weekend) 

An extended yoga practice with additional time in the studio to socialise and have tea after.