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Sisterhood Sanctuary presents: Dance of Equinox & Rituals of Renewal through Psychomagic

March 29 @ 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Sisterhood Sanctuary presents: Dance of Equinox & Rituals of Renewal through Psychomagic

  • Price: Concession 12 GBP, Standard 15 GBP, Supporter 18 GB

Dear Sister, 

Sisterhood Sanctuary invites you to rejoice in dance, renew your energies within, set your intentions for this period of rebirth, and celebrate the coming of Spring in a safe space amongst other sisters.

Join us for a dance, ritualised and oriented to celebrate the spring equinox, the time of balance, rebirth and renewal. Let’s come together and use this magical portal to realign ourselves with the true desires of our soul and plant those seeds that we want to see bloom this season. What desires burn in you that want to peak out? Where do you crave more balance in your life? Do you want to connect more with your creative life force energy or perhaps create more connection with yourself and others?

Whatever it is you desire, through dance and Psychomagic rituals, we invite you to shine light on those parts that want to be seen and empowered, so that you can integrate them into your full being and let them grow, from a seed into a beautiful flower.

Join us in creating a magical space among sisters, where we can feel at home in our femininity and all its facets, where we can find and connect to our inner strength, where we can choose love over fear, where we can refresh our feminine energy, celebrate our, each other’s and life’s beauty, and honour how far we have already come since the Winter Solstice.

With peace and ease,

Marta & Kat

at Sisterhood Sanctuary


20:00 – 20:15Welcome Circle & Ritual of Renewal
20:15 – 20:30Dynamic Meditation 
20:30 – 21:30Dance of Equinox
21:30 – 21:50Integration through sound & touch
21:50 – 22:00Closing Circle


Water and/or tea. Something to keep you hydrated whilst dancing.

Clothes. Wear something that you feel comfortable in and perhaps something that makes you feel beautiful and sexy. Make sure you dress in layers to ensure you are warm/cool enough.

Pen and paper. If you know you like journalling and writing things down, especially during the ritual, then please do bring a pen and paper.

Altar souvenir. Our altar will be the centre of our circle, so please bring anything that is dear to you or anything you would like to offer. Let’s co-create our sanctuary.

Earplugs. If you are sensitive to loud music, earplugs come in handy.


We arranged a female photographer to take videos and photos during the event. We might use those to promote our events on social media. If you don’t wish to be included, please do let us know beforehand or at the start of the event. In case you see any footage of yourself on social media and wish for it to removed, please get in touch with us.


Space Angel. We care about holding space where you can feel safe. We ask to come as you are, respecting each other’s biodiversity and welcoming what’s different as a playful exploration. Apart from collectively creating a welcoming space, we will have a space angel, who we will introduce in the Welcome Circle and who will provide extra support, practical and emotional, if needed.

It’s up to you. While participation is encouraged, it is entirely voluntary and up to you, how you show up. We invite you to approach the experience with openness and curiosity, while also honouring your own boundaries and limitations. There are no obligations – you are encouraged to contribute in a way that feels comfortable and authentic to you, while respecting the needs and boundaries of others.

Co-creation. We envision this space to be created by you and me, by us as a collective. Whilst we make this container possible, it is each and everyone of us, who is part of creating Sisterhood Sanctuary.


Psychomagic is a therapeutic approach developed by Alejandro Jodorowsky, blending elements of psychoanalysis, art, shamanism, and performance. It aims to address psychological issues by using symbolic acts, rituals, and gestures to access the subconscious mind and promote healing. Psychomagic interventions are often highly personalised and can involve symbolic actions, such as creating artwork, writing letters, or performing rituals, tailored to the individual’s specific aims. By engaging in these symbolic acts, individuals can release emotional blockages, resolve trauma, and achieve personal growth and transformation. Overall, Psychomagic seeks to harness the power of imagination and creativity to bring about psychological healing and serenity.


Sisterhood Sanctuary was born from a deep desire to create a space where the mycelium of sisterhood can grow, healing from past wounds and transforming them into the real source of energy force and compassionate love. 

We are passionate about sisterhood. We know that in a wider tribe, we thrive. And we all know, that there’s a lot of magic juice inside each of us. Expressed in safety, it can lead us to be our own leader and birth a fundamental presence for a new, sustainable and strong community. 

We are passionate about connecting to our own and nature’s natural cycles. Life just flows better by tuning into the bigger picture and connecting to the whole. Part of that is about reconnecting to the nature of ritual – a sacred place of transformation and where life’s magic manifests through our own creative power.

And lastly, we love to dance, to appreciate our bodies, to express our full range of emotions, and to heal, together. 

Sisterhood Sanctuary is about creating gatherings where we can find refuge in sisterhood, where we can feel at home in our femininity and all its facets, where we can challenge our comfort zone and transform our weaknesses to strengths, where we can choose love over fear, where we can refresh our feminine energy, celebrate our, each other’s and life’s beauty, and honour how far we have already come.



Marta is a dedicated therapist and ceremonialist who integrates a holistic mix of somatic, transpersonal, and systemic approaches in her work. Her profound purpose is to curate spaces that nurture transformation, connection, and empowerment for individuals and communities alike.

With roots in both Italy and Slovenia, Marta has called the UK home for the past seven years. During this time, she has embarked on a journey of self-discovery through various trainings and experiences, including art therapies, the Enneagram, systemic transpersonal counselling, shamanic practices, trauma release somatic approaches, Reiki, and more. These diverse experiences have enriched her wisdom, which she now shares with her community.

Marta facilitates a range of offerings, including personalised coaching sessions, group work featuring somatic, creative, and shamanic practices, as well as DJ and sound healing sessions. Through dance ceremonies combined with breathwork, play,  meditation, and sound healing, she harnesses the therapeutic potential of movement and sound to encourage healing and personal growth.

Instagram: Helo Martinha [link https://www.instagram.com/heal.with.mars/]


Since Kat was little, she was drawn to creative outlets like singing in a choir, playing instruments and dancing. She danced jazz dance, standard dance, hip hop and street dance for many years. Being part of a formation and competing at various competitions, she developed a great sense of connection to, and strength and resilience within her body, as well as a passion for being part of a team and creating community. Whilst studying and working as a professional event and project manager, she gained valuable experience and a great passion for planning and organising events, however, she lost touch with her creative energy, her body and femininity, and thus her confidence, power and joy in life. Only in recent years, her creative spark was lit again, when she found her way back to herself and her body through presence, dance and voice. For her, being present with herself and connecting to her inner world through creative outlets, is a way of transforming her fears into love and tenderness, re-discovering herself and falling in love with all parts of herself over and over again, refreshing her feminine power and energy, as well as celebrating herself, each other and life.

Whilst Kat is in the midst of her own journey of self-discovery and -exploration, her passion is to inspire others to light their spark, too, and help them find the power, confidence and joy within themselves to be the most authentic version of themselves, without feeling the need to look elsewhere, or strive to be something they are not.

Her way of holding space is influenced by her recent travels, where she established a strong relationship with dance, tantra, yoga, Reiki and Vipassana meditation. Kat brings a grounding energy, authenticity, presence and playfulness to the room. Additionally, she recently started training in family constellation, which adds to her approach. Acknowledging and honouring all parts of yourself and finding your place in your system, is what restores love and brings the body, mind and soul into balance and harmony.

Instagram: Kat.Schwitalla [link https://www.instagram.com/kat.schwi/]

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March 29
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm


The Wild Box
14 Whitehouse Pl
Bristol, Bristol BS3 4BL
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