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Move Fast, Move Slow with George

May 22 @ 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Welcome to the first instalment of George’s signature workshop ‘Move Fast, Move Slow’.

This event will be an explorative journey held in sacred space, moving from a Yang based yoga flow to a slower Yin practice, followed by a Nidra meditation and finishing with a Kirtan and philosophy share.

MOVE FAST: This segment of the workshop will be an explorative and playful Yang yoga practice. I take a functional approach to teaching, which puts you in the drivers seat of your own body, giving you autonomy to move how you ‘feel’ and deepen your experience of each pose with curiosity and depth. Through this approach, the intention is to allow the practitioner to drop into a more intuitive understanding of how each moment of movement feels, with the support and guidance from me as an experienced practitioner. I will encourage a playful curiosity whilst remaining in a state of deep respect and understanding of each of our unique bodies and minds.

MOVE SLOW: The practice will then naturally transition into a slower Yin practice, with less guidance from myself. My approach to Yin is not to overload you with information about your bones, bodies and muscles and consistently encourage you instead to drop deeper into an awareness of how YOU feel. What arises for you will be unique to you, and this practice will give you the time, space and challenge to explore those depths. The finishing shavasana will be a guided Yoga Nidra meditation (or ‘Yogic Sleep’) to allow you to take your hands off your experience and drop behind the veil into the subconscious realms. This practice holds a vision to release emotional tension, slow down the nervous system, and allow muscles to relax.

BALANCE: Arising out of the state of Nidra, we will slowly lift to the sounds of mantra and song. I play a Harmonium, an Indian instrument used for meditation and mantra. I will be inviting a series of a few songs that will incorporate sacred mantras from the Hindu tradition, whilst weaving in the stories, mythologies and philosophies behind them. During this phase you will be welcome to remain lying down, or you can rise up to seated and will be provided with a song sheet to join in; or, if the feeling takes you you are welcome to dance and play around the room, releasing any emotions that arise in this deeply held sacred space.

Who am I?  My name is George; I am a yoga teacher, men’s work facilitator (@emergent.men) and holder of sacred space based in Bristol, UK.  I work on weekdays as a Religious Education teacher in secondary schools, in which I hold a specialism in Hinduism and Buddhism. I completed a Philosophy degree at UWE  with a focus on mythology and the philosophies held within the framework of story. I have completed training in the facilitation of sacred space with Jote Prakash Singh Kalsa, YTT200 with Zenways under Daizan Roshi; and co-opened a centre for yoga and meditation (Adona Centre for Evolutionary Arts) in January 2020 with Wazee Walks. I have been teaching yoga a movement now for over 5 years, and have always been intuitive with how my practice looks rather than aesthetic, completing CPD trainings in different forms of yoga around the UK, India and Indonesia. My passion and love for the spiritual journey permeates through every form of my teaching, and I hope that if you attend this workshop, you will catch the infectious love for the divine and sacred that I hold (if you don’t already have it). For any more details on myself, check out my instagram at @movefastmoveslow

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May 22
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm


The Wild Box
14 Whitehouse Pl
Bristol, Bristol BS3 4BL
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