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Plant Spirit Sound Cacao / Blue Lotus with Jez

February 12 @ 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

£22 – £44

Using Plants, Movement, Stillness and Sound we will take you on a journey of self-discovery. We combine Cacao with Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation and a Sound Journey with Gong, Monochord, Crystal Bowls, Shamanic Drum and Medicine music.

Cacao is a deep heart opening medicine from the Amazon basin used for spiritual ceremony by the Mayans, and other ancient civilizations. We combine these powerful plants with Ancient Yogic techniques and Sound for sacred communion with the inner self.

This event will be held ceremonially calling on the plant spirits and our higher selves for healing and spiritual guidance.

Benefits of Sound?

Everything is frequency, and the difference between a state of bliss and discord is amongst many intersecting factors, a matter of vibrational resonance. Meaning if you can change the sound you consume, you can invite change in your state of being. We use our voices, crystal bowls, a water gong and other sacred instruments, to lead you through a shamanic sound bath. The spirits of the plants dance with the vibrations of sound created through us and take you on a sacred journey. Sound can penetrate your energetic field and help you to rebalance energetic blocks and physical imbalances.

What is Cacao?

Cacao is a powerful and ancient Amazonian plant medicine that connects you to your heart center. She opens you to the beauty of unconditional love, allowing a deeper connection within. This can help with matters related to self-love and any heartache or heartbreak you may have experienced, be it relationships, business or grievances. Cacao acts as an antidepressant naturally soothing your stress hormones, it also contains powerful antioxidants and anandamide, the bliss molecule.

Ultimately cacao is the medicine of love, and when we connect to love in its highest form, anything is possible!

Benefits of Yoga and Meditation?

Yoga – Union. Everyone’s experience of and path to union is unique. Yoga uses method of inquiry, which can develop the awareness and union of the mind, body and breath. We follow Yogic philosophy which first guides us to listen to and find ease with the body and mind through movement (Asanas). Combined with a focus on breath awareness and control (Pranayama) to influence the flow of life force (Prana) in the energy channels (Nadis) of the energy body. This leads to a more easeful meditation experience, where we guide you on a healing journey within, which can lead you to deeper self-acceptance and clarity.

Breathwork –  Inhale the heart speeds up. Exhale the heart slows down.. What may this mean for you? There are many ways to tune the body and mind with the technology of the breath. In this event you will be resourced to regulate and calm your body and mind with your breath. We will then guide you through a process of Conscious Connected Breathing, a simple yet profound rhythmic breathing practice. One of braiding willpower and kindness into the inhale, then inviting acceptance and letting go through the exhale. This can induce a full spectrum of experiences, from ecstatic states, physical and emotional release, to states of deep soothing and calm. You will be supported in both the intention of and the listening within your journey. Our aim is to both facilitate an experience of your own power with the breath and introduce the breath as technology for you to integrate into your life.


Luke Miller has been working ceremonially with plants since 2014. After a 13 month soul initiation predominantly in Peru, including living in a hut in the Amazonian jungle for 45 days, he travelled to India to integrate the experience and learn Yoga and Pranayama techniques – eventually landing in the UK and being initiated into a form of Kemetic (Egyptian) yoga called Smai Tawi (which means union of the lands). Luke now combines this life experience alongside intuitive sound healing to create ceremonial events of cross cultural healing modalities. A unique transcendental experience merging plants, movement and sound healing. In 2021 Luke and his wife Bhavinie launched Plant Spirit Sound, an initiative to create a container for spiritual experiences to occur using the power of plants and sound.  

Jez Grattan-Kane is a Yogi and Breathwork Coach, with a love of ecology and curiosity to the embodied and relational nature of human experience. On committing to a daily meditation practice in 2012 he has journeyed deep into paths within Yoga. In 2015 he spent over a year living in India and Nepal, exploring depth Meditation practices, Asana and Pranayama. Since his return to the UK he has been teaching Yoga, completing 600hr of training, he has also trained as Breathwork Coach and begun his ongoing studies in Integrative Transpersonal Counselling. As a facilitator Jez holds space for curiosity of the interplay your mind, body and breath, inviting care, as you raise your awareness of the living ecology of you. This work is supported by introducing the breath as technology, available for you to tune in to, increasing your response-ability and support your choice-fullness in life

Event Structure:

Note: Breathwork is best practised on an empty stomach of at least 4 hours, this is for both your comfort and the effect of practice. A fast is optional for a deeper connection. There will be fruit and chocolate to share for after.

Doors will be open from 11:40. The event will begin at 12, please arrive in good time.

12:00: Opening Circle

12:30: Plant Ceremony

13:00: Yoga 

14:00: Breathwork within Sound Healing Journey

15:30 Closing Circle

All are welcome and no prior experience in any of the above disciplines is needed.

Ticket prices:  

Low income: £22

Middle income: £33

Abundant income: £44

Enquiries: lukemillerpr@gmail.com Jezgkane@gmail.com 

Refund Policy: We do not offer refunds as spaces are limited.

Logistics: Please let us know if you are/or may be pregnant, take any medication, have a heart valve (or similar) or have any serious physical or mental health issues. This can be a contraindication, and we will make a separate brew of Cacao without Blue Lotus for any pregnant mothers. It is important that you let us know. This does not necessarily mean you cannot join, but we may need to make a few adjustments to accommodate you. 

Please bring your own yoga mat or something comfortable to lay on. The venue has blocks, blankets cushions and and a mats, yet given the current context your own would be ideal. So please bring what you need to match your desired comfort levels. Please bring a cup for the plant medicine, there are only a few spares at the venue, and together we can love the Earth deeper by being more economical. Thank you in advance!



February 12
12:00 pm - 4:00 pm
£22 – £44


The Wild Box
14 Whitehouse Pl
Bristol, Bristol BS3 4BL
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