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The Breath – a Technology of your Ecology with Jez

October 16, 2021 @ 11:00 am - 2:00 pm


The breath is a technology that can bring balance to the living ecology, which is you. It is one of the many, inner, natural technologies that supports you to cultivate balance in your ecology. Learning how to cultivate balance is an important response to the present pace, stress and impact of modern life, currently amplified by external technologies.

The breath can also support the loosening of fixed patterns or past experiences held within our ecology.

Being aware of and developing skilful use of the breath can increase the freedom of our choice-fullness and response-ability for the future.

Inhale the heart speeds up…

Exhale the heart slows down…

What could this mean for you?

How might this improve your ability to find rest?

How might this affect the tone of your nervous system?

How might this support your relationship with the living ecology of your body?

How might this improve your capability to be in the present?

How might this increase your capacity for physical, mental and emotional energy?

If these questions spark your curiosity, come join.


In this workshop we will:

Co-create a group to explore using the breath as a technology to:

Tune Down – Enter a state of rest

Tune Up – Energise your ecology

Balance – Centre and ground

Explore Breath-holds – These have profound mental and physical benefits.

Explore a session of Conscious Connected Breathing – a simple, yet profound, rhythmic breathing practice.

This can release held tension from the physical, mental, emotional and social environment, held in the nervous system and myo-fasical web. It can free up the flow of communication and resources within your ecology, increasing vitality.

It can increase your awareness, capacity and competency of the breath, as an ever-present technology for you to use.

It can induce mediative and altered states.

Each individual’s ecology is unique, as will be your experience, you will have both accelerator and brakes to your journey… and the invitation to let go and trust the breath.

As with any technology, the intention for its use will affect the experience. You will be invited to set an intention for the journey.

There will be space to reflect on our experience and begin the process of integration together.


Full price £30

Bursary places open for low income.

Bring a packed lunch to enjoy in Victoria Park afterwards. (Optional)




October 16, 2021
11:00 am - 2:00 pm




The Wild Box
14 Whitehouse Pl
Bristol, Bristol BS3 4BL
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