The Breath – a Technology of your Ecology with Jez

The Wild Box 14 Whitehouse Pl, Bristol, Bristol

The breath is a technology that can bring balance to the living ecology, which is you. It is one of the many, inner, natural technologies that supports you to cultivate balance in your ecology. Learning how to cultivate balance is an important response to the present pace, stress and impact of modern life, currently amplified by external technologies. The breath can also support […]


Hypnobirthing with Daniella Dean

Hypnobirthing is a powerful tool for women and their birth partners. It can help you to feel more in control and empowered during labour. It is a great support whatever kind of birth you are planning to have and provides a platform to let go of any fear around birth. Through hypnosis women gain more […]


Cacao Ceremony with The Dreaming Circle

The Wild Box 14 Whitehouse Pl, Bristol, Bristol

A Mayan tradition comes to Bristol  for the first time. We share the old ways of healing, singing to reconnect and aligning with our inner power and the essence of Hunab Ku to go deep and reborn after the winter, and the essence of Ek Chuah (Cacao) and Kauil (father and mother of the human race, […]


Emergent Men’s Circle: Full Wolf Moon, Breathwork & Cacao Ceremony

The Experience The Emergent Men invite all who identify as male to share, grow & heal at this transformative event on January 15th 2022. Held at The Wild Box in Bedminster, Bristol we have an afternoon of internal reflection and enjoyment prepared. The intention this month is to uncover a deeper relationship to self. This […]


WAKE with Elena Byers & Steve Taylor

A new year urban retreat to fill your cup in the sanctuary of The Wild Box. We are so excited to welcome you to a half day immersion of various practices: therapeutic massage, sound, community and sankalpa - intention. A connective seed to grow into your new year with, in the candlelit sanctuary of The […]