Sweat Box Gym & The Wild Box Membership Bundles

Mix & match a Sweat Box Membership with a Wild Box Membership and get a discount on both!

Use the table below to select the membership options that suit you best, combine the discounted prices together to calculate the final monthly amount!

Contact admin@sweatboxgym.com or hello@thewildbox.co.uk to get signed up.

Sweat Box MembershipNormal PriceDiscounted Price
Premium Off Peak£60£49
Gold Off Peak£50£42
CrossFit Pure£70£56
CrossFit Pure Off Peak£45£38
PureFitness Off Peak£40£34
Gym Off Peak£30£26
The Wild Box MembershipNormal PriceDiscounted Price
Wildest Membership (Unlimited)£85£65
Mini Wild Membership (10 per month)£65£50
Pocket Wild Membership (4 per month)£45£40