Private cLasses

If you are looking for something specific and tailored to a group we can offer private classes. With a range of possibilities from corporate wellbeing to special occasions, a small group practice with your friends, or a 1-1 with one our teachers.
Private classes can be yoga, barre or pilates. If you have specific things you want to work on it could also be a combination of practices. We can host you at our studio or for corporate classes we can come to your place of work if you have a space to practice in.
Helena M teaching 2

How to book

Please contact us via email to discuss an idea for a private class. Private classes are priced individually so please let us know via email as much detail as you can.
Below are some useful things for us to know:
•The date and time you have in mind?
•How many people are going to attend?
•Is there a specific style of movement you would like or something in particular you want to work on?
•How long would you like for the class?
•Will you come to us or would you like one of us to come to you?
•Would you like some time either side of the class to relax at the studio? And if yes, how much?
•For special occasions, will you be bringing any food or drink? If yes do you require use of our plates & cutlery.
•Will you need any chairs and / or tables?


“Contemporary Pilates rooted in the mat-work principles with a breath focus and draws inspiration from the reformer and functional movement patterns. A low impact, challenging, yet fluid class that works to strengthen your deep core, support your joint and spine function.”
“Contemporary Pilates with a twist. Like above but taught at a faster pace and inspired by Pilates HIIT workouts.”
“Our hybrid workout class that combines pilates with exercises you do at a ballet barre using bodyweight, light weights and resistance bands. No experience required.”