The Studio

The Wild Box studio is a destination space in its own right. Just fourteen minutes’ walk from Bristol Temple Meads station, and less than ten minutes from Bedminster station, the studio occupies a lovingly restored warehouse nestled in a formal industrial area just to the south of the river. It is an undiscovered part of the city, one that is rapidly evolving, surprising to those new to it. The iconic coloured houses of Bristol look down on it from the hills above.

The studio itself is large and open, full of light, and with an industrial feel that matches that of the Sweat Box space a few streets away. But the essence of Wild Wolf’s can be felt too in its softer, warmer edges, and in its distinctive energy. The space has great flexibility, matching our ambition to be open to new possibilities and fresh experiments in movement. Its versatility provides opportunities for it to be hired by the wider community.

This is a studio that fully expresses our intent to fuse different worlds and to bring a new dimension to our belief in the power of movement.