Wild WOlf’s Yoga & The Wild Box Membership Bundles

Mix & match a Wild Box membership and a membership with our sister studio Wild Wolf’s Yoga and get a discount on both! Wild Wolf’s Yoga has a vibrant virtual studio providing online classes with access to a video library, plus in-person classes at the studio in the centre of Bristol.

Use the table below to select the membership options that suit you best, combine the discounted prices together to calculate the final monthly amount!

Contact hello@thewildbox.co.uk to get signed up.

The Wild Box MembershipNormal PriceDiscounted Price
The Wildest (Unlimited)£85£62
The Wild (Off Peak)£60£48
The Mini Wild (10 per month)£45£38
Wild Wolf's MembershipNormal PriceDiscounted Price
Home & The Den£80£65
Online Unlimited£60£48
Online Mini£40£35

Here are some examples of how to mix & match your memberships to create a bundle. For more information on Wild Box memberships and their benefits please visit The Wild Box pricing page & for Wild Wolf’s please visit wildwolfsyoga.com

Home & The Den Member

£80 £65


The Wildest Membership

£85 £62



per month

Online Unlimited Membership

£60 £45


The Wild Membership

£60 £48



per month

Online Mini Membership

£40 £35


The Mini Wild Membership

£45 £37



per month